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Catfish Hollow Restaurant Hush Puppies

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Cuisine: American Seafood

From the menu of . . . Catfish Hollow
2826 Ga. 154, Newnan

Q: Of all the hush puppies I have eaten during my 77 years of devotion to Southern cooking, none can equal those served at Catfish Hollow Restaurant. . . . I would sell my soul for the recipe.
- Albert Herrington, Newnan

A: There's no need to make a Faustian contract to get hold of that hush puppy recipe. Al Wise, a longtime Newnan restaurateur who runs Catfish Hollow and owns Golden's on the Square, was happy to share his mother's recipe.

Hands on time: 5 minutes  Total time: 20 minutes  Serves: 24


    1 cup self-rising cornmeal
    1/2 cup self-rising flour
    1/2 small onion, finely chopped
    1 egg, lightly beaten
    1/4 cup canned creamed corn, Silver Queen variety
    3/4 cup water
    1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons beer
    Oil for deep fryer


In a small bowl, combine the cornmeal and flour. Stir in onion, egg and corn. Add water and beer and form into a stiff batter. Heat oil in a deep fryer to 350 degrees. Shape batter into small balls using a small ice cream scoop. Fry in single-layer batches in hot oil until golden brown, about 2 minutes. Serve hot.


Al Wise warns t he cannot guarantee the results unless you use Hollyhock Flour and Happy Vale cornmeal. These were the brands his mother, Annie Wise, used, and he gets them from Dixie Lily, the distributor.

There's another secret ingredient you will see in the recipe, which was cut down from one he uses that makes 800. Wise has owned Catfish Hollow for 15 years and rustles up about 18,000 hush puppies a week. That figures out to be a whole lot of hush puppies!


Per hush puppy: 82 calories (percent of calories from fat, 67), 1 gram protein, 6 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram fiber, 6 grams fat, 8 milligrams cholesterol, 106 milligrams sodium.

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