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Name: Cuisine: Type: Category: Low Cal: Low Fat: Total time: Rating:
Absinthe Cocktail (yes, it's now legal) Drink Irish Cocktail Drink     5 minutes
Bubblin' Dublin Cocktail Drink Irish Cocktail Drink     5 minutes
Candy Cane Martini - from Bluepointe Cocktail Drink Cocktail ATL restaurant recipes     1 minutes
Cherry Joe - from Alton Brown Dessert Drink Southern Drink Atlanta recipes     1 hour and 15 minutes
Chocolate Mint Julep Cocktail Drink Cocktail Drink     3 minutes
Chocolate-Cherry Smoothie Breakfast Drink Snack Vegetarian Drink Drink     5 minutes
Coffee-flavored Liqueur Cocktail Drink Cocktail Saving Southern Food     1 hour
Drinking Custard Drink Drink Saving Southern Food     10 minutes
Dublin Dart Cocktail Drink Irish Cocktail Drink     5 minutes
Espresso Martini Cocktail Drink Golden Whisk awards Drink Golden Whisk Awards     5 minutes
Frozen Lemonade Drink Healthy Kid-Friendly Snack Drink Drink 5 minutes
Georgia Gin Cocktail Drink Cocktail Drink     5 minutes
Honeymoon Sweet Cocktail Cocktail Drink Cocktail Drink     2 minutes
John Egerton's Favorite Iced Tea Drink Southern Drink Saving Southern Food     30 minutes
Mary Mac’s Sweet Tea Drink Southern Drink ATL restaurant recipes     10 minutes
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